The team behind GPD has many years experience in developing and producing food of the highest standards in Indian and Thai gastronomy. We produce food for supermarkets, chain gastronomy clients and distributors to the restaurant market all over Europe. Since 2004 we have developed basic curry sauces and other 100% authentic  products and continuously improved these up to the highest standards. We can help you to serve tasty, healthy, natural and authentic food in any quantity – but with no compromises

Management Team

Product Manager Koundinya Panguluri is since 2004 in charge of the products and the continuous improvement and new innovative products. Koundy is educated at the 5-star TAJ hotels in Hyderabad in India and learned Thai and Indian cooking on the highest level. He managed restaurants in New Zealand and  later in Switzerland where he is now situated. His integrity and visionary thinking makes him to be counted as one of Europe´s most experienced and skilled food developers in Indian and Thai gastronomy.

CEO Torsten Danielsson has over 30 years of experience in managing businesses and especially gastronomy businesses  – from nordic food to Indian and Thai foods – both in local restaurants and in chain gastronomy. Lately he lead the Swiss/Indian gastronomy group – King´s Kurry and successfully reorganised the group and turned each parts into separate units – where GPD today is one of these.


Our philosophy is to produce authentic Indian and Thai foods on the highest possible level without compromising with chemistry in form of additives, preservatives or other none-natural ingredients. All products are 100% natural – and mostly vegan or vegetarian. We aim to fulfill our clients most challenging demands – without compromising on our integrity as stewards of the earth’s resources.